First swallow arrives and the blackbird discovers worms

19 April 2013 (apologies for this being a day late)

I’ve been avidly scanning the skies for the last few days, looking for swallows, as I’ve been seeing the Portland Bird Observatory reporting them in some numbers for the last few days. Today, I had several sightings, and some hearings, too (if that’s a word – it ought to be): I love the sound swallows make, I call it their “twiddly” noise, and it’s the sound of summer to me –  I always feel so folorn when it stops in September.

We spent the afternoon continuing to work on the pond surround, with the help of a blackbird and a Peacock butterfly.

Left: blackbird and worm. Right: Peacock butterfly sunning itself.

Left: blackbird and worm. Right: Peacock butterfly sunning itself.

The blackbird seems to have just realised he can eat worms that need more than one bite: before today he’s limited himself to very small ones, but suddenly, he’s tackling some quite big ones. He doesn’t appear to be flying off with them, he seems to be eating them all, and with the amount he’s finding thanks to our digging, he should be a very fat blackbird soon. The butterfly appeared for a short time, and sat on one of the stones we were using for a few minutes, soaking up what sun there was. It’s worth remembering this is a need butterflies have – a sun-warmed surface: even if you can’t supply flowers all the time, stone, pebbles or wood can all be used as a place to soak up the heat they need to be able to fly.


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