Homes for wildlife

13 March 2013

My garden is quite large, and in the country, so I don’t go for man-made wildlife homes:  it’s easier for me to provide natural habitats, or know there are some good ones just outside the garden. We do, however, try to build wildlife into our thinking when we do things in the garden, as shown by the photos below. “Dunsnufflin” came about because we have an area in which we put woody plant material waiting to be shredded; the bottom of the area inevitably fills up with leaves, which looked a good hedgehog habitat to us, so we put a pallet on the floor and stuffed the leaves inside, to give an area where hedgehogs could hide and on top of which we could put the to-be-shredded pile.

Dunsnufflin and Newt Towers signs.

Dunsnufflin and Newt Towers.

“Newt Towers” is in a small limestone bank we’ve built (I’ll tell you more about it one day), in which we deliberately put a few lengths of drainpipe, so things could crawl in for safety. I was clearing out the greenouse last autumn when I found a moribund newt under one of the seed trays on the floor: I was a bit worried I might have hurt him, so I held onto him for a couple of minutes, and I guess the warmth of my hands helped wake him up. When I introduced him to Newt Towers, he seemed happy to take up residence – or at least, to get away from me.

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