Crocus and primrose

9 March 2013

Having fallen over in the garden a couple of days ago, I won’t be out there doing much until my ankle returns to its usual size – with all the grass and soil we’ve got, I had to fall on concrete – ouch! So, this post is going to share a few pics I took earlier in the week, when it was sunny.

Crocus 'Ladykiller'

Crocus ‘Ladykiller’

You can see that the upper side of this crocus, called Ladykiller,  is white, but the underneath has a strong flush of dark purple -gorgeous! You might be able to just make out a small insect on the top of the flower: I didn’t notice it until I downloaded the shot; as far as I can make out it is an ant, though I haven’t seen any elsewhere in the garden yet.

Below are purple crocuses and primroses. Butterflies will use primroses to nectar, but I’ve never seen one on a crocus flower – let me know if you have.

Purple crocuses

Purple crocuses



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2 Comments to “Crocus and primrose”

  1. Hope the ankle heals fast, I’ve had 3 torn ankle tendons over the last 4 years (2 right, 1 left) and know how troubling ankle injuries can be.

    lovely photos, my Crocuses aren’t out yet, only shot through the ground at the start of the week, hopefully flowering by next weekend.

    Are they very good for wildlife? I’ve only ever seen 1 bee on them in the past, they are fantastic to see in the garden no matter what and if they help that one bee they’ll continue to be in my garden!


    • Like you, I’ve only seen the occasional bee using crocus, but that’s probably more a reflection of the lack of insects this early in the year. I’ve heard birds will peck them to get the nectar, though I think it’s the yellow ones they go for.

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