Butterfly Conservation garden visit

3 March 2013

As an active member of the Dorset Branch of Butterfly Conservation, one of the things I do sometimes is attend events to represent the charity. Today’s event was an open garden in Dorchester, one of the many that open in aid of the “National Garden Scheme”, under which gardens open to raise money for charities such as MacMillan Cancer Support. Unfortunately, the weather was not helpful: dull and cold, and there had been problems with the publicity, meaning that only not many people turned up. Two couples, however, came and talked to us, and with one of them about to start planning a new and large garden, our being able to supply information on butterfly and moth friendly gardening was very timely. Our hostess, Heather was very kind, and we were well supplied with tea and cake (thanks, Viv), so sitting in a warm conservatory talking about butterflies was not too hard a way to spend the afternoon.

Lyn with butterfly display

Lyn with butterfly display

Heather is opening her garden at 113 Bridport Road, Dorchester, several more times during the year – see the National Garden Scheme for details.

Flowers in Heather's garden. Left: cyclamen. Centre: hellebore. Right: pulmonaria

Flowers in Heather’s garden. Left: cyclamen. Centre: hellebore. Right: pulmonaria


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