More seeds started

7 February 2013

My antirrhinum seeds are coming up in the propagator, and past experience has shown me that it is best to grow them “hard” – i.e. with as little heat as possible, as doing this helps to avoid the seeds damping off (dying of a fungal disease). So, having taken them out of the propagator, I had some space to sow more seed – whoopee!

So I’ve sowed some home-saved seeds of  cerinthe major pupurescens and penstemon ‘Husker’s Red” and some bought seeds of a yellow cosmos. The first two should be good for bees, and if I end up with more than I need for my garden, I can sell them in aid of Butterfly Conservation.

Flower of cerinthe

Flower of cerinthe

We’ve got very thick ivy on our garage wall – it’s an excellent wildlife plant, providing shelter and food – the early Holly Blue caterpillars eat the buds, and the birds eat the berries. Today, there was a male blackbird up there singing very gently – more of a burble than a song, which I see is called “sub song”;  it’s a lovely sound, very tranquil.

Holly Blue top and underside

Holly Blue top and underside


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